Stephanie's Biog


I have been Acting since 1994 and I completed a Method Acting drama course in 1996 at the A.D. School of Drama in Manchester. 


I started my acting career as a TV and Film extra and can honestly say 'They were the Best Days'.  I learnt so much being a background artist and loved every minute.  Acting is not an easy career to go into, like most other careers, so it is advisable to always have another couple of skills you can rely on to fall back on when the work is hard to come by.  Equally, it is an amazing career to do when you do get the work and extremely rewarding.


I have been very fortunate to have played exciting and diverse roles, some of which were lead roles.  I have had some fantastic experiences acting with amazing Actors such as Anita Dobson, Paul Barber, Johnny Vegas, Ricky Tomlinson, Steven Pinder, Martin Hancock, John Henshaw, Steve Evets and many more.


I had the privilege to work with (in my view) one of the 'Best British Directors' - Ken Loach.  I hope at some point in my career to have the honour of working with two other great British Directors - Danny Boyle and Mike Leigh.


These are links to two short films I appeared in - one being earlier in my career and the other more recent.

Love Charm 

This Land Alone


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